How to Identify Garage Door Scams

Scams are more common than ever; unfortunately, the garage door industry is not immune to this. These days, people trying to take advantage of your time and money come in all shapes and sizes. While sneaky garage door scammers don’t lurk around every corner, you still need to be armed with knowledge if one of them should approach you!

Here are some tips from your friends at The Overhead Door Company for avoiding these scammers!

When in doubt, reach out!

The best way to protect yourself from scammers is to tell them you’ll get back to them and call the organization they claim to be a part of. 

For example, if somebody calls claiming to be from The Overhead Door Company and says there has been a problem with your payment method, thank them, say you will reach back out, and hang up the phone. All you have to do at that point is look up contact info for The Overhead Door Company and give us a call (that information will be included at the bottom of this article)! When you get us on the phone, our experienced team of Customer Service Representatives will be able to confirm if the problem exists. 

Contacting the official source is a tried and true way to get to the bottom of every scammer situation! We at The Overhead Door Company are here for you and will always help with any questions regarding your garage doors and door service! 

Strange garage door emails 

It would be best if you always were cautious about emails you don’t recognize. While most of the digital correspondence you get from The Overhead Door Company is just standard email chains designed to keep you informed about deals, service updates, etc., always look for signs that the writer is not who they appear to be. 

Here are some of the things that can to look for when identifying garage door scam emails:

Bad grammar is a telltale sign that the email might be part of a scam. While some fake messages can be persuasive, others look like they were written in three minutes or less. They almost always mention money or a situation you must deal with immediately—inevitably ending with a call to action for you to either get in touch with the scammer via phone or provide your personal information. 

Strange-looking company logos are another way scammers try to get your attention. Sometimes emails will end with the official logo of the organization that the scammer claims to represent. While sometimes these look 100% authentic, we have seen situations where the colors, wording formats, and verbiage are entirely wrong and off-brand. 

Messages in your email spam are also a good indicator that the correspondence could be a part of a scam. Please understand that sometimes emails get put into the junk folder by accident. This is your account trying to protect you from unsavory imagery and people trying to take advantage. However, 100% of these emails should always draw suspicion, authentic or not. If you are concerned about the content of an email, give that official organization a call and verify the message’s authenticity! 

Give The Overhead Door Company of Macon-Warner Robins™ a call! 

As we said, if you have any doubts about somebody contacting you about being a part of The Overhead Door Company being who they say they are, give us a call! We will be able to verify the authenticity of the person and their inquiry in minutes and help you through the current situation. We can also provide you with even more tips on protecting yourself from that scammer and others in the future. 

You can reach The Overhead Door Company of Macon-Warner Robins™ at (478) 400-2022 with any questions or concerns, as well as service requests and inquiries! We are always here to help.

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