Garage Door Security

When was the last time you used the front door of your house as the main entrance? Some of you might say “very recently,” but most will say the opposite. Why? Because you probably use your garage door as the main entrance to your home most of the time.

Of course, this is all subjective. Not everyone has a situation where their garage is or even can be their most-used home entrance. But in most cases, especially in colder climates, the garage is people’s primary way to get in and out of the house. Accidentally leaving the garage open over night can leave you feeling devastated. Why? Because leaving your garage open is like leaving your front door open—anyone can get in!

As sellers of garage doors, we feel responsible for instructing you on the best ways to ensure your door is secure. Here are some tips on keeping your garage safe, so intruders cannot get in through that entrance.

Always Make Sure the Door is Closed!

It seems silly, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to shut their garage doors. Make a point of adding “closing the garage door” to a daily list of things to do! If you have a bedtime routine, make sure shutting the garage door is a part of it! If you leave home for work and aren’t sure if you remembered to close the door, turn around, and make sure it is closed! Nothing will tempt criminals like an empty garage with no cars.

Cars are an excellent deterrent against people looking to commit robbery. However, we have to be clear that we do not recommend that you ever leave your garage doors open for prolonged periods! If you have to leave your garage door open during the day, make sure your vehicles are in the garage or the driveway.

Make Sure Your Garage Door is Free of Gaps!

Gaps, or leverage points, can be exploited by experienced burglars, no matter how small. Tools can enlarge these gaps to the point where a person can get under the door and into your house.

Leverage points can be caused by doors that are out of alignment, bad installation jobs, old weather stripping, and dents in materials like aluminum. The best way to get things like this is by calling your local garage door technician.

Get Your Garage Door Adjusted!

As we said above, many ways people violate your garage door’s security is by taking advantage of its poor state. If you haven’t had anyone look at your door in awhile, now might be the time to do it!

The Overhead Door Company® are experts in adjusting doors and ensuring they are safe. We invented the overhead closing door. We’ve been in business for almost a century. We’ve seen it all and know how to help!

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Your garage door always needs to be checked, regardless of if you are worried about security or not. As we’ve said, garage door security usually comes down to neglect, i.e., allowing weaknesses in its integrity to worsen over long periods. The garage door tends to be the main entry point into the house—so make sure it can shut adequately.

Overhead Door Macon-Warner Robins has extensive experience adjusting garage doors and ensuring no unwanted guests can use the entrance. Give us a call today! Or, visit our website. We’ll be able to schedule a time with you fast, so you don’t have to worry about garage door security.

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