Environmentally-Friendly Garage Doors | Overhead Door Company

More than ever, our customers are looking for environmentally-friendly options when it comes to their garage doors. At the Overhead Door Company of Macon, we are proud to offer some of the most innovative and environmentally-friendly garage doors on the market. Read about your options below to find out which is the right choice for you and your home.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Overhead Door offers doors constructed from a number of composites containing recycled materials. Doors from our Carriage House Collection as well as others combine these materials with solid steel construction creating a door that’s the best of both worlds. Even better, they’re a fraction of the cost of new materials and only require minimal maintenance to keep them running and working perfectly.

Manufacturing Matters

With environmentally-friendly garage doors, not only should the final product be eco-friendly, but the sourcing, manufacturing and transportation process as well. Green garage door manufacturers — like the Overhead Door Company — remain conscious about the amount of material they consume during production. They also follow specialized recycling protocols to ensure any scrap metals, woods or plastics are reused.

In addition to manufacturing, it’s important to consider the material used to package the product. Packaging can be a major contributor to environmental waste, as it requires a lot of resources and energy to create. Though some packaging can be recycled, it’s important to eliminate packaging as much as possible without risking damage to the product.

Preventing product loss is another component of manufacturing green doors. During transportation, green garage doors are properly protected to reduce the risk of any possible damage being done to them in transit. When products get damaged, they may be wasted or require additional resources to make repairs.

Energy Efficiency Once It’s Installed

Energy efficiency is just another excuse to talk about how great our Thermacore series of doors is. With sandwich steel construction and between-section slats keep the temperature in your garage — and your home — regulated at all times. That also means your heating and cooling system won’t have to work harder than normal which saves you big bucks and Mother Earth from unnecessary emissions.

For any other questions on how you can get one of our environmentally-friendly garage doors, call the Overhead Door Company of Macon right now!

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