The Best Garage Door for Storage Areas

Are you looking to use a garage door to make an alcove on your property a storage area? Look no further than rolling sheet doors from The Overhead Door Company™!

Rolling sheet doors will have minimal impact on your budget and do an excellent job storing your belongings while still allowing quick access when they are needed.

Why Rolling Sheet Doors?

The name of the game is flexibility when making an area for storage – especially a smaller space that was not meant for this purpose.

Rolling sheet doors are a game changer when it comes to storage spaces. Most storage companies will use these doors as their primary way for customers to keep their belongings safe and secure.

Key features include quick-connect components that simplify expert installation without sacrificing strength. A single, through-hole universal guide can be installed quickly in concrete, masonry, steel, or wood — and it requires minimal side room.

Here are a few more of the great features offered:

  • High-strength galvanized steel curtain enhances strength and maximizes wind load performance
  • Unique curtain profile facilitates smooth operation and minimizes curtain damage
  • Stepped rings allow tight, uniform curtain wrap and minimize headroom requirements
  • Abrasion-resistant polypropylene webbing along both guide edges improves door operation, minimizes curtain nesting and scratching
  • Bearings prevent steel-to-steel contact, improve door operation and increase door shaft life
  • Extruded aluminum-reinforced bottom bar assembly enhances door strength and operation
  • Bulb-type astragal ensures a tight seal to floor
  • Lock assemblies enhance door system security

With features like these, the rolling sheet door is your best bet if you want to use a garage door for storage areas.

Expert Installation

Rolling sheet doors are simple as there are few moving parts required to make them work, and most are opened through a manual system. However, they are not simple in terms of install. They are often a heavy weight for DIY installers. We at the Overhead Door Company™ do not recommend that you attempt to install any garage door by yourself.

Rolling sheet doors are all about flexibility and freedom when setting them up. As mentioned above, they can be put in almost any place. But remember, these installation jobs are complex and, at the very least, can end with you breaking the door and losing your investment. At the very worst, you can sustain severe crushing injuries that can result in death.

We are experts at installing these doors and know how to do it fast and correctly.

Call the Overhead Door Company™!

We at the Overhead Door Company™ know exactly what door will work best for whatever project you are trying to accomplish for your home or business. When it comes to using an overhead door for storage, we often recommend the rolling sheet door for security and peace of mind. Once installed by a professional, this simple product is a great way to save money while protecting your property from the elements.

If you aren’t sure if the area you want to install one of these doors for storage is large enough, contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We are happy to come to your property, evaluate spaces for installation, etc.

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