Winter Garage Floor Protection

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It’s important to take care of every part of your garage: the garage door, the windows, the walls, and of course, the garage floors. Why the floors? Well, your garage floors are more vulnerable to damage than you think.

During the winter, snow, ice, and residue from salt and other deicers often get dragged into your garage. These can all cause issues with your garage floor. As the floor expands and contracts from temperature changes, the water and chemicals from the deicer can seep into your garage floor. Over time, this can cause cracks and stains on the floor. 

There’s no need to worry, though! The Overhead Door Company® has some great suggestions for protecting your garage floor this winter.

Keep Your Floor Clean

One of the easiest ways to protect your floor is by keeping it clean. Avoid letting any water or ice sit on your floors for too long. If you have been walking or driving somewhere that uses a chemical deicer, then residue from those chemicals may now be sitting on your garage floor. Washing those off regularly can help keep your garage floor looking great.

We get it; regularly cleaning your garage floor doesn’t sound fun. That’s why The Overhead Door Company® has plenty of other helpful tips for protecting your garage floor this winter. 

Winter Floor Mats

Adding a layer of protection to your floor can help prevent new damage this winter. Winter floor mats help protect your garage floor from rain and dirt that gets carried in. Winter floor mats can be made to fit your garage, and are typically easy to roll out and install. 

Winter floor mats come in multiple different sizes, so there is no need to stress about finding one to fit your garage. Garage floor mats can also be less expensive than other floor-protecting options, like sealants or tiles. However, cheap ones can rip or move around, so make sure to get one that will last you all winter and anchor it well to your garage floor.

Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are also good for protecting your garage floor this winter. If your garage floor has damages or stains on it, then tiles are great for covering up visible imperfections and preventing new damage. 

We at The Overhead Door Company® know that accidents happen. Things get dropped, resulting in scratches, cracks, or stains. That’s why garage floor tiles are a great option. They’re easy to replace, so if one tile gets damaged, then instead of replacing the entire floor, just one tile has to be replaced. 

Seal Your Garage Floor

Sealing your garage floor is a great way to ensure your floor is protected this winter. Using a sealant on your floor is perfect for those who don’t want to cover up the look of your garage floor. It goes on like a glossy, clear coat and prevents any damage to your floor from the snow and ice. 

Sometimes you don’t want to have to worry about carrying a floor mat in and out of your garage for the winter season. For those who want something that protects their garage floor in the winter without covering up the current floor, then using a sealant is a great choice. 

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