Differences Between Residential and Commercial Garage Doors | Overhead Door Company

At the Overhead Door Company of Macon, we’re focused on bringing our customers the highest-quality garage doors. While this blog usually focuses on residential projects, the Overhead Garage Door Company of Macon also has the best overhead garage door selection to fit businesses and homes of every shape and size, and, today, we would like to take the time to discuss the differences between the two types.

The Size

The main difference you notice between commercial and residential garage doors is the size. The average residential garage door is between seven and eight feet tall and eight to sixteen wide depending on whether it is a one or two-car garage. Commercial garage doors, on the other hand, can be double, or even triple, in size. For instance, our Model 600 Rolling Door is scalable up to 16×16 feet while our Stormtite Insulated Rolling Door is expandable up to 30 feet both ways. 

The Materials

As much as your garage door goes through at home, it does not take nearly as much punishment as a commercial garage door. Therefore, the materials on a commercial door are even more rigid and dent-resistant. Our commercial overhead garage doors are made of everything from aluminum to galvanized steel. Some models even include our Thermacore®️  technology. 

In addition to the door itself, the rollers, tracks, and spring are all made of the strongest materials we carry. The usage rate is much higher than that of a residential door. While a standard residential garage door is opened a few times per day, large warehouses can see their doors rise and fall as many as 50 times per day.


As you might imagine, there is a difference between the cost of residential and commercial garage doors due to the higher-grade materials and the custom sizing for the larger doorways. Business owners should also factor in the cost of service. As with everything else on your custom, commercial garage door, taking care of it is going to cost a smidge more.

If you have any additional questions on how these garage doors differ, or you are a business owner looking to purchase a commercial door of your own, call the Overhead Door Company of Macon. Or view our entire lineup of commercial door products here

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